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He claimed to be a military officer traveling on a confidential mission so that he could not cash them himself.

However, the traveler’s checks were stolen, and this victim was arrested, strip searched, and faced criminal charges.

After all these are liquidated they are going to send the proceeds back so that they can provide some restitution for the victims.

Here is St Louis TV coverage of the trial: press release: https:// Article on the sentencing hearing: often does this fraud take place? Many of us have heard about romance scams, and most would agree that it is a problem area.

With another victim (who was convinced they were soon to be married) he had her perform in a sexually explicit manner on Skype, which he secretly recorded.

When she refused to send more money (she had no more to send) he threatened to post the video on line.

When she could not come up with more money, he DID send the link to these pictures to her relatives, claiming he had four more such videos of her and would post them for the world to see unless the “highest bidder” would pay him not to.

Apparently all of his stock consisted of items he had stolen in one way or another.

Sunmola also had one victim apply for a credit card, get cash advances on it, and then send money to him in South Africa through Western Union and Money Gram.

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After two days of a jury trial Sunmola changed his plea to guilty, presumably to keep the Court from hearing more details about his activities. The South African police cooperated with the prosecutors.

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