How to dress to be intimidating

A quiet and intimidating ghoul, Charon is Ahzrukhal's personal bodyguard and soldier.

Every couple of days, Ahzrukhal sends Charon out to run some kind of errand.

Hand-me-down dresses, baby gifts dresses, a MUST BUY dress you saw at the store……..yeah, we have lots too. If it’s any shorter, it won’t be long enough to tuck under the bum and meet together with snaps.

So, altering just one of them isn’t going to decrease your dress supply by much. But darn, they sure make it a little harder to get around and tend to get twisted or tripped on during play time. (While the dress is on, tuck the front and back under the diaper area, to see if the front and back meets, with a little bit of overlap.) Also, to create the elastic casing for each leg, take a look at your dress and see if it has a hem that’s turned under.

But, oh my word, what’s more delicious than a bubbled romper? Rompers stay right in place….keep baby/toddler covered. My dress hem was turned under about an inch and was perfect for creating the little ruffle at the bottom of the elastic casing.

REMEMBER that you need to leave some fabric along this curve for a seam allowance so the size of the curve will decrease by about a 1/4 inch along the entire curve. (Mine was about 3 inches across along the bottom.) Then, cut out 2 curved strips of cotton fabric, that follow the bottom curve of the dress exactly.

I just wanted an elastic casing with a but of a ruffle below that.) Next, thread some 1/4 inch elastic (or whatever size you want) into one of the casings, by attaching a safety pin to one end. Grab one of your curved lining pieces and lay it along the front curve of the dress. And my bottom edges aren’t as long as the dress on purpose, because I didn’t want them to peek out from the front. (You will have to match up your lining piece sections and place a pin where you want your snaps to go.

Before pulling it all the way through, sew the one end of elastic in place. (The amount of elastic depends on the size of your subject’s thigh. Then just add them on.) YOU HAVE TO add the snaps to this flap piece ONLY and not through all of the layers because otherwise this crotch section will not lay flat while on baby.

A softly tailored skirt cuts a slender, A-line silhouette with flawless drape.

Delicate lace scallops trim a plunging V-neckline on this enchanting trumpet wedding dress with tiered skirt.

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