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However, if the spice sub-circuit models are well constructed, we can expect that it will match properly the output curves in most conditions of device operation.

The probably reason can be that developing accurate model is quite complicated because it requires to understand precisely the physical and electrical behaviour of the "3-D" processed devices but not only.

Not only, we will make in default the conventional spice model used to fit electrical behaviour of inductive devices.

As a consequence, since we understand that spice models cannot be ideal, before starting to design a spice model of an inductor device, we need to figure out in which conditions the inductor device will be used.

In other words, in which configurations of circuit and in which conditions of impedance the device is more likely to experience.

We will show later that due to the distributed nature of an inductor windings, this is exactly this point that the conventional spice model is omitting to consider.

n this article, we will focus on an innovative way of development of spice model for inductor windings based on some considerations related to the electrostatic effects between the metallic traces and the grounded substrate.

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