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I’ll also finish it up by telling you about two solutions Microsoft is working on to make the entire experience much more robust and enterprise-friendly.It's relatively easy to synchronize a Document Library with your PC.Allow this new file (which will have the same name, but with the word “ copy” appended to the file name) to upload.Then delete the original, non-syncing file, and rename the copy to the original filename.The first thing to check is that you’re not accidentally violating Share Point’s limitations.The most common culprit is the “#” symbol in a file name, which is a no-no in Share Point Online.I don't question myself so much anymore, when it comes to whether I should create a column, a site column, or a content type - I just do it.My mistake is in assuming that Power Users who are using Share Point every day, or migrating to a new version they might not know, already know which to create.

This option means you could tell Share Point to open .Right clicking on this icon will allow you to see the sync errors, which should list all the files that aren’t communicating properly.Here are some steps I usually take to try to resolve the issues.On top of that, if you have any changes you’ve made to local files that never made it back to Share Point, you’ll have to find those manually in that archived folder.If none of those options solve the sync issues, you’ll have to go nuclear.

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