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We wait for our crowns to be realized and spend eternities tied to the throne.

The market's been trashed by low expectations, and it's not hard to understand why.

Please, tell me about myself.” “Well, I spy The New Yorker, which means you’re well read. ” He leaned in closer, “Only for you.” He stood right next to my bar stool, way too close for my comfort, but I found myself intrigued and couldn’t seem to tell him to get lost.

I see a hair scarf, which means you’re probably staying with a friend after this. We talked for about twenty more minutes, while I waited for my usual gears to kick in: The gears never turned.

If you're just getting to know someone, you may be tempted to overlook a lie and cut them some slack. Either this person is covering up an underground fight club... But despite how amazing things are going, out of nowhere the pressure starts.Eventually, a gentleman who’d been apart of the festivities we found humorous approached me.He leaned over and looked into my open purse, “You can tell a lot about a woman, by what’s in her bag.” I smiled and opened the purse’s zipper further, “Oh really? ” I playfully hit him in the arm, “Oh, you’ve got jokes!I decided, for the first time, that I was just going to have fun: No expectations, no envisioning of wedding bells, no listening to my mother go on about grandchildren. I was eager to put my new theory into practice: Over the weekend, I went on three dates: 1.I went to an elegant French bistro, for lunch, and spent the entire time debating comic books with a fellow artist/story nerd.

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Dating means facing everyday threats like liars, ghosting (and un-ghosting), and unsavory encounters around every corner.

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