Vba subform recordsource not updating

When Recordsets Are Always Updateable A recordset is always updateable when: Recordsets Are Updateable Under Certain Conditions Some queries, especially those involved in a Join, will not be updateable under some conditions, but will be under others.In other queries, even if the query itself is updateable, some of the fields will not be.Its Row Source property has the following: SELECT DISTINCTROW [tblref Parts List].[Part ID], [tblref Parts List].[ref Part], [tblref Parts List].[ref Cost] FROM [tblref Parts List]; The following properties has to be set in the combo box as well: Column Count - 3 Column Width - 0";0.5";0" Bound Column - 1 Part Name is another textbox included on the subform.It has the following fields: TBMID - Number (PK) Part ID - Number (PK) - Same as Part ID in tblref Parts List Part Name - Text - Same as ref Part in tblref Parts List Part Cost - Currency My subform is based on tbl TBMParts Costs.A combo box at the top allows the user to lookup customers based on name. Requery ' Find the record that matches the control. My problem is after I enter a new customer and part number into the database it shows up in my combo box but I cannot get my two underlying subforms to pull up any information on it unless I close out the form and re-open it.

In this example, we've selected the Order ID fields.I have a mainform in access with a subform (continous form mode).The subform's source is a query that has a criteria parameter that gets the values from a combobox in mainform. Some of those include: "This recordset is not updateable." "Operation must use an updateable query." "Recordset is not updateable" (seen in the status bar of a query, form, or datasheet view of a table.) What does this mean? When you try to create a recordset object based on a non-updateable query, the recordset becomes non-updateable. by Roger Carlson Introduction Non-updateable recordsets are a problem that may have many causes and may produce many different error messages.

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